Welcome! As experts in educating young men, Salesianum offers a wide range of support services to ensure that each of our students has a personalized pathway for his own academic success. Our mission places a focus on educating the whole person and, as a result, we realize that students develop a love for learning, and thrive, in a dynamic environment with a variety of options that provide effective, targeted academic support.

Whether your son simply needs some extra help with a particular class assignment, is recovering from an illness, or requires special testing accommodations due to his personal learning differences, the Gardner Center and its caring staff are well equipped to provide the right balance of academic support, encouragement and open communications with his teachers and family.

Our faculty, staff and students remain inspired by the words of our patron saint, Francis de Sales, "Be who you are and be that well." We believe this is best achieved through a holistic approach to your son's academic, emotional and spiritual growth. Come explore why Salesianum's academic support services are a critical component to this growth and success.

Educational Support Staff

List of 5 members.

  • Kate Chapman 

    Director of Educational Support
  • Jacqui-Linn Gaskill 

    Educational Support Services Coordinator
  • Mr.  Timothy Byrne 

  • Mrs. Marie Classen 

  • Ms. Christine Hrinak