The Brisson Program offer students the following essential support services:
  • Careful review of a student's required academic records, medical and psycho-educational documentation including his current IEP or 504 Plan.
  • Personal interviews with the student and his parent(s).
  • Development of personalized academic accommodations and support plan.
  • A welcoming space for students to work under the supervision of staff during their open time. Students commonly use the Gardner Center to make up tests, receive studying support and additional review of material.
  • Ongoing communications with parents regarding their son's academic progress.
  • Convenient hours from 7:00 AM - 3:30 PM, Monday-Friday and also during student flex periods.
Students are registered to receive Brisson services for one full year. Fees may be incurred and are based on the level of support a student requires.

List of 5 members.

  • Kate Chapman 

    Director of Educational Support
  • Jacqui-Linn Gaskill 

    Educational Support Services Coordinator
  • Mr.  Timothy Byrne 

  • Mrs. Marie Classen 

  • Ms. Christine Hrinak