A thriving center of educational support, the Gardner Center (formerly named the Brisson Center) has been renamed in honor Mrs. Susan Gardner, who retired in 2020. Susan Gardner was a trailblazer at Salesianum: She was the first female department chair and also the first female administrator and pushed the school to become a better and more equitable place. In an era when students with any learning differences were quickly dispatched as lazy or careless, Susan pushed the Salesianum administration to instead recognize their challenges and work to support them. This gave birth to the Brisson Center
which she created, and has provided vital support to thousands of students and unquestionably instrumental in supporting their academic success.

Countless Catholic and independent schools in the area have come to learn about our model from Mrs. Gardner and have worked to replicate it in their own schools. In this way, Susan’s contributions extend well beyond our campus. Since the fall of 2009, the Center and its caring staff have positively impacted students and have well positioned them for future academic success.
Students are registered to receive Brisson services for one full year. Fees may be incurred and are based on the level of support a student requires.

List of 5 members.

  • Kate Chapman 

    Director of Educational Support
  • Jacqui-Linn Gaskill 

    Educational Support Services Coordinator
  • Mr.  Timothy Byrne 

  • Mrs. Marie Classen 

  • Ms. Christine Hrinak