The Trinity Program services are for students who may require more intensive and structured support. With a 3:1 student faculty ratio, the Trinity program is designed to meet the needs of the college-bound student with specifically diagnosed and documented learning differences. From helping students develop more effective study skills, test taking strategies and time management to reviewing and adapting material and re-teaching as needed, The Trinity Program has a proven track record of success.

A Salesianum student who is enrolled for the Trinity level of educational service will have available to him all of the Brisson Center Services. In addition, the student will meet with a Trinity teacher each school day with a maximum of three students assigned to one teacher during those sessions. Each student's educational plan will be supervised by the Director of Educational Support Services.

The Trinity program teacher will support the student and his family by:
  • Serving as a liaison between the student, school and family by communicating with parents and classroom teachers daily.
  • Daily review of the student's OnCampus account to monitor assignments and work completion.
  • Reviewing, adapting and differentiating material and re-teaching academic subjects as needed.
  • Reading and implementing suggested academic accommodations outlined in the student's psycho-educational evaluation.
  • Helping the student develop effective study skills and test taking strategies.
  • Helping the student develop skills in effective time management, organization and self-advocacy that are necessary for him to be successful at Salesianum and as he transitions to college.
  • In addition, parents of students receiving Trinity level of service will have the opportunity to attend a monthly evening meeting with their son's Trinity teacher and the Director of Educational Support Services.
For more information on the Trinity Program and related fees, please contact Ms. Kate Chapman (302) 654-2495.

List of 5 members.

  • Kate Chapman 

    Director of Educational Support
  • Jacqui-Linn Gaskill 

    Educational Support Services Coordinator
  • Mr.  Timothy Byrne 

  • Mrs. Marie Classen 

  • Ms. Christine Hrinak