As part of our mission to develop the whole person, spiritual retreats are integral to each student’s personal development. Every student is required to engage in our Freshmen retreat each year. The other retreats are option, with a majority at least attending one by their senior year.

Freshman Retreat
Each freshman at Salesianum will attend a one-day retreat with the other members of their house. Facilitated by the Center for Faith & Justice and current seniors, the Live Jesus retreat introduces the core values of Salesian Spirituality.

Sophomore Retreat
The goal of the Quo Vadis Retreat is to start the process of helping students to see God, the Church, and their brothers as resources in navigating the difficult truths that become more apparent during one’s adolescent years.

Junior & Senior Retreat
The purpose of the Encounter Retreat is to help students find the presence of Christ in their lives. To guide a student’s spiritual journey into a deeper relationship with Christ as experienced in and through the Church, the Sacraments, prayer, and relationships both within the Salesianum brotherhood and outside with family, friends, and the world at large.

Faith & Justice Staff

List of 4 members.

  • Photo of David  Freebery

    David  Freebery 

    Director of Ministry
  • Photo of Stephen Adams

    Mr. Stephen Adams 

    Director of Mission Initiatives & Religious Studies Teacher
  • Fr. Patrick Kifolo OSFS 

    Campus Minister
  • Photo of Brian Zumbrum, OSFS

    Rev. Brian Zumbrum, OSFS 

    Campus Minister & Director of Activities