Mass of the Holy Spirit: At the start of the school year, we gather to invoke the Holy Spirit to open our minds and hearts to the wisdom that comes from learning. We take time to acknowledge that God is active in every aspect of life, always inspiring us to seek after the beautiful good and true. 

Ring Mass: This mass is a special moment for our senior class as they receive their class rings. These rings are a symbol of their commitment to our Salesian values and to one another. As a ring has no beginning or end, these rings are a reminder that each senior is forever part of this unique brotherhood.

Founder's Day Mass: In October, we celebrate the founding of the Oblates of St. Francis de Sales, the religious order that has staffed Salesianum since 1903.  We also take this mass as an opportunity to celebrate the legendary figures on our school's history who have built our school into what it is today.

All Saints Day: Saints are believers who come before us and continue to pray for and support us. They offer us inspiration because of putting the Gospel message into practice. This mass not only recalls the saints that the Church has named, but all of our mentors, teachers, coaches and guides who have gone before us --whether they be famous or only known to family and friends.

Feast of Our Lady of Guadalupe: Mary, the Mother of God, is honored with many titles that come from the devotion of the the people of God. The title of Our Lady of Guadalupe originated after the conquest of Mexico by the forces of Spain. Mary appeared to a new Christian, Juan Diego Cuauhtlatoatzin, and as a part of their encounters, her image appeared on his cactus fiber cloak. It is very significant that Mary in the image did not appear as a European woman, but as an Indian woman. This fact communicated to the conquered people (and conquerors) that God sides with the oppressed and the needy with particular care and attention.

Feast of St. Francis de Sales: During the annual Feast Week, the school community celebrates the memory of our patron, Francis de Sales. W recall his good sense and good example and ask his prayers as we enter in to the new semester.

Ash Wednesday: The beginning of Lent provides a 40 day opportunity to focus on and renew our faith and religious devotion. The practices and sacrifices of the season invite us to change sinful ways and turn to the light and freedom that Jesus offers. Ashes remind us that God created us out of nothing and challenges us to distinguish what in our lives brings light and what tends toward darkness. 

Blue Mass: We honor the dedication and sacrifice of people who serve the community as first responders. We give thanks for their generous service and ask God's blessing upon them that they may remain true to the highest ideals of justice, integrity, compassion and service.

Easter Mass: As Christians, Easter represents the climax of our faith. The moment in which the stone is rolled away and death is forever defeated. As a Catholic school, this mass is a true celebration of the Risen Christ who invites us all to live in the freedom of the children of God.

Salesian Pilgrimage & Missioning Mass: The graduating class walks from Salesianum to the school's original site at the corner of 18th and West Streets in downtown Wilmington. There, we take time for reflection on the rich tradition of the school. Afterwards, the senior rejoin the school community for a final school mass in which we celebrate the year that has been and invoke God's blessings on the journey to come.

Baccalaureate Mass: The school community gathers with the graduating class and their families to celebrate how God has richly blessed each class and to give thanks for the opportunities, achievements and relationships that have been defining parts of a Salesianum education.