We remain extremely thankful to the many caring members of our faculty, staff and student body, who have worked to create a wide variety of emotional support programs, some long-standing and others created more recently, to help ensure we are meeting the emotional support needs of our students. A few examples include:

START (Student Teacher Assistance Referral Team) - A dedicated team that encourages, fields, and addresses referrals from teachers and students in the event that a student is identified as appearing troubled or in need of assistance.

Be Who You Are Group - Monthly meetings which are designed as a confidential support group for students either experiencing the effects of a loved one’s substance abuse or residing in homes with substance abuse issues.

Big Brothers - Every freshman is assigned an upperclassmen as a big brother, together they will attend regular events and meet to discuss concerns ensuring our newest students are assimilating and connecting with the greater Salesianum school community.

In a more traditional vein, Salesianum has dedicated guidance and college counselors who are actively engaged with each student throughout the course of their four years. Additionally, many students join a particular club or afterschool activity that serves both as an avenue for exploring their interests and provides a strong social and emotional connection to peers.
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