The easy, natural camaraderie that an all-boys environment provides, combined with the timeless values set forth by the six pillars Salesian spirituality, we believe, provides an excellent foundation for social growth and wellness. Salesianum provides a time-tested environment where students are encouraged to explore interests, express themselves, connect with others and grow their perspectives beyond their own, immediate circle. And, as a result, the formation of lifelong, cherished friendships are spontaneously formed in the classroom, on service trips, over lunch, amidst theater productions, on athletic fields, and while cheering cheering for their brothers in the stands. Graduates set forth into the world as well-rounded Salesian gentlemen who are prepared to work for continual self-improvement and in service to others.

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  • House System

    Salesianum’s integrated house system helps ease the anxiety associated with being a new student, accelerates the campus learning curve, and ensures students connect from day one. Our eight houses can best be described as families within the greater Salesianum brotherhood; each proudly bears the name of important figures or events in our over 150-year history: Birkenheuer, Fromentin, Haley-Carpenter, Kenney, Lawless, Quintus, Rosaio, and Tucker. A student’s house is comprised of a mix of brothers from every grade, geographical location, and diverse backgrounds. Houses serve as homeroom teams during spirit assemblies and provide easy ways to organize various service initiatives and projects. Adopted over ten years ago, this highly successful system has broken down the barrier between upperclassmen and their younger counterparts; students also get to know each other quickly and see that a friend is never far away in their class, lunch period, club, or activity. Throughout the year, houses compete with each other to earn points toward an end-of-year celebration and year-long bragging rights. Learn more about the rich historical significance of each of Salesianum’s houses here.
  • Clubs & Activities

    Salesianum is proud home to more than 40 clubs and activities with 90% of students becoming involved in at least one. From an extremely active and energized Student Council to barbecuing, rowing, robotics and mock trial clubs -or- participating in Model UN, marching band and ultimate frisbee teams; Salesianum challenges students to explore their interests, develop new skills and have a great time while doing so.
  • FLEX Time

    Under the guidance of the Salesian pillar, Liberty of Spirit and with the knowledge of the eventual freedoms students will need to manage during college, we implemented a daily flex time. During the flex period, students can decide how best to use this free time. Whether it’s meeting with a teacher for extra help, meeting with a club, grabbing a bite to eat in the dining center, playing a game of hoops in the gym, quietly reviewing for an upcoming test in the library, or weather permitting, heading outside for a quick break and social time with friends, students may use the time to recharge, seek assistance, and connect with the larger Salesianum community.
  • Regional Pull

    Our students hail from Delaware, Pennsylvania, New Jersey and Maryland while also enjoying the opportunity to schedule exchange classes at sister schools, Padua and Ursuline Academies. This unique and diverse mix of students coming together provides a terrific opportunity for an ever-growing and developing social network. As a result, it’s easy for students to connect with new friends from well beyond the walls of Salesianum.

    Stands for “Student About Life Saving” and is an annual, year-long partnership between the students of Salesianum, Padua, and Ursuline Academies. Together, students raise funds through various social events and venues to benefit a particular charity. Each year, the fundraising finally announces the impressive fundraising totals and celebrates the impact that will be made on a charitable cause with those funds. Over the past ten years, Salesianum, Padua, and Ursuline students have raised over $1,400,400 for local non-profit organizations. To learn more about SALSTHON or to donate, visit:

  • Dances

    Salesianum Student Council hosts several casual dances, held in the Birkenheuer Gymnasium, throughout the year. In addition to dances, proms are usually held off site at a more formal, event appropriate venue. The senior prom has a long-standing tradition of being held at the historic and stunning Hotel DuPont Gold Ballroom.