Meet Jack Gormley '23

Hometown: West Chester, PA
Student Council, President
Freshmen Soccer, Lacrosse
College Plans:
Villanova, Class of 2027
Favorite Aspect of Salesianum:
Salesianum is unique because of the brotherhood. Anyone can fit in; anyone from any background or anywhere in the world can find friends. You can really see that at masses or at pep rallies where everyone comes together to lift each other up. It’s just a great place to be. Salesianum has prepared me academically with challenging courses and strong academics. I am feeling really well prepared as I head off to Villanova in the fall.
Favorite Course:
It’s not just one, but every coach and every teacher who inspire me to be who I am and be that well. I have had many rigorous courses that have enabled me to push through difficulties. I know that Salesianum has prepared me well for college in many ways.
Favorite Experience:
After being elected Student Council President, my fellow representatives and myself were able to travel to Michigan for a leadership retreat where we learned the ways of becoming a Salesian leader and created bonds and friendships to last a lifetime.
Important Lesson:
What I have learned at Salesianum is that I am a natural leader. Salesianum has prepared me for all of the challenges that will come in the future.
Advice for New Students:
This is a place for you. It’s a place that bonds us and brings us together. It will get you ready for the real world. Put yourself out there. Branch out. The school allows you to do things you never imagined doing. Try new things. Take advantage of the opportunities and have fun.
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