Meet Will Ansley '23

Hometown: West Chester, PA
Activities: WSAL, Salesians in Action, Mock Trial, Scuba Diving Club, Breakfast Club.
Athletics: Rugby
College Plans: Penn State University, Class of 2027
Biggest Influence and Favorite Aspect:
I feel that Salesianum has prepared me for college with the programs and access to state-of-the-art equipment, resources, and opportunities. A passion that I found here at Salesianum is the live streaming program. Being able to grow from freshman to senior year and finally being able to work with state-of-the-art programs, camera equipment and practically running a show has been incredible. Mr. Locke has been one of the best mentors I could have. We’ve been able to put on productions unlike anywhere else. I’ve been able to advance my college of After Effects to create amazing graphics for live streams. I’ve been able to create a focused schedule and craft it year after year with extra open time and putting in classes that I will need for college, which will help me excel in my college program. My specific position is live streaming and graphic design coordinator What I do is package and create graphics, take pictures and run media day for football, lacrosse, cross-country, soccer, and all the sports teams here to deliver the images and graphics during their live streams.
Favorite Clubs:
One of my favorite clubs is Mock Trial led by Mrs. Younger. It’s been one of the best clubs because we go to the courthouse downtown every year and compete anonymously with all other Delaware schools. I’ve been able to sit on the witness stand and win two gavels.
Favorite Experience:
The experience that has been most memorable to me is the BRIDGE trip to El Salvador last year - a friend, a couple of the seniors, and Principal Fr. Beretta took a trip for around a week, and what we learned there was about Oscar Romero and his impact there, but what we really learned was about how our lives are so much different, but we are practically the same age. The experience has 100% made me more grateful for the opportunities and resources we have here at Salesianum.
Most Impactful Experience: 
What has impacted me the most has been the Encounter experience, a 4 day-intensive retreat where we learned about our faith and our journey and connected that with our fellow brothers. The purpose of the retreat was to grow in our faith.
Important Skill:
One of the most important skills I have gained through my Salesian experience is maturity, first and foremost. That has shaped who I am today.
Advice for New Students:
The opportunities are endless. Get involved in clubs, that’s where you will meet new friends. That is the best way to branch out and create your brotherhood.
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