Dr. Anthony Snow Day Lab

Simply the perfect example of "can-do" Salesian tenacity and optimism! Science Department Chair, Dr. Jen Anthony, doesn't let a snow day slow her down .Not able to be in lab today? No problem! Her freshman Biology-CP class is currently studying plant and animal cell structures. Thanks to some creativity, students were able to view onion cells, cheek cells, and one of her houseplant's cells, under a microscope, despite being miles apart.

Dr. Anthony's dining room served as the "lab" where she projected the microscope's camera image to her iPad and then used the classroom camera to share the images with students via Zoom. Students took screenshots of their images with their iPads and used it to complete the hands-on lab remotely. A passionate commitment to students, no matter the circumstances, is the Salesianum difference.

"When you encounter difficulties and contradictions do not try to break them, but bend them with gentleness and time." - St. Francis de Sales