U.S. Sports History & Culture

Grades: 12
Time: 9 AM–12:30 PM
Session: June 17–June 28, Half Credit (Session 1) and July 8–July 12 (Session 2 – Independent Study/Virtual) *Courses will break for the July 4th holiday
Credit: Half-Credit
Phase: Honors
Anticipated Instructor: Kevin Walker
Cost: $800
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All students in research courses engage in an iterative research process. Students consider research framing and questions, thesis development, source analysis and evaluation, and research organization. The research process also prioritizes revision, peer-editing, and presentation to an authentic audience. United States History Through Culture utilizes history, sociology, anthropology, and political science in an examination of formal and informal athletic competition and its role in illuminating and expanding students’ understanding of United States history through sports topics. Beginning with a comparative study of how sports are positioned by societies and governments, the course initially focuses on the role of athletic competition in democratic and undemocratic societies. The course then studies how athletics and sports journalism intersect with flashpoints in United States history, including equality and civil rights movements, migration and urbanization, labor relations, globalization, and the changing nature of media.