Senior Academic Honors Convocation Student Recipients

Congratulations on the outstanding academic achievements of our seniors. These students earned top honors based on their performance.

The following students were given an award based on their performance on the PSAT. The National Merit Recognition recipients, given to students who placed in the top 3% of PSAT scores, are William Betterly, Wyatt Flicker, and Jacob Nicosia. Seamus Oliver is a National Merit Scholarship Finalist, placing in the top 1% of PSAT scores.

Three students who received Scholarship Recognition for receiving a full-tuition offer to a college are Benjamin Demosthene, Wyatt Flicker, and Seamus Oliver.

The following students received Top Scholastic Honors for their performance and merited this honor every semester enrolled. The Dean's or Principal List Certificates of Merit recipients are Ryan Corey, David Darch, Jason Dzik, Joseph Fielding, Ryan Goodwin, Julian Hietpas, Edward Loyola, Nathan Martin, Justin Molen, Jacob Nicosia, Henry Sabine, and Matthew Schoenfeld. The Principal's List Certificates of Merit are William Betterly, Aidan Burke, Sean Mann, Seamus Oliver, and Joseph Sullivan.